Narimani International is an online retail store, selling variety of products online. Our focus is to deliver stylish and elegant products in a fast and easy way to our customers around the world.  

It's New, Trendy & Stylish

Avocado Boutique finds elegant and stylish designs from around the world. Our goal is to find high quality products from small boutique suppliers in order to provide unique and great quality products at a very reasonable price for our customers.

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our mission is to provide great products from both name and individual branded items. Our focus is fast delivery and great customer service for our customers to insure their satisfaction. We are constantly working to find new and trendy products to add to our store. 

At Avocado Boutique we personally monitor products to guarantee the standard and satisfaction we require from our suppliers.

In addition, we have created brands that are exclusive to our store. When we find products that are unique, we purchase the rights to have them with our own logo.

Those brands are SHIVA, AVO, and SUNBEAR. you can find these logos at the bottom of the home page.

Each brand is dedicated to a specific type of product. SHIVA and AVO are for formal and casual clothing. SUNBEAR is for outdoorsy and sporty products.